Our Classes

All of our classes are taught by our qualified professional instructors who are handpicked and certified by Grand Master Ahn.

Each instructor is extensively trained in teaching methodology, child development, and personal character. Our instructors will work patiently with your child to teach them about self-discipline, respect, concentration, cooperation, anger management, stranger danger, dealing with bullies, honesty, and much, much more.

Designed by a child psychologist specializing in child development, each class, drill, and life skill message is age appropriate and proven to help your child reach their full potential.

Special Start Up Class $29.99

Interested in trying out martial arts at our school? 
K Taekwondo offers a perfect Start-Up Program for beginners with no prior experience.

This program allows both children and adults to learn at their own pace and to experience Taekwondo before making a commitment for ongoing classes. Students will have a chance to observe classes, speak with instructors, and learn about the benefits of Taekwondo Training.